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What is Cerebral Palsy?
Cerebral Palsy is a condition caused
by damage to a child's brain during
pregnancy, labor, or shortly afterbirth. "Cerebral" refers to the brain, and
"palsy" to a disorder of movement
or posture. It is neither progressive
nor communicable. Cerebral palsy
is not "curable" in the conventional
sense, although training and therapy
can help improve patients condition.
It is not a disease and should never
be referred to as such.

What are the effects?
Cerebral palsy is characterized
by an inability to fully control
motor function. Depending on
which part of the brain has been
damaged and the degree of
involvement of the central nervous
system, one or more of the
following may occur:
increased or decreased muscle
tone; spasms; disturbance in
gait and mobility; seizures;
abnormal sensation and
perception; impairment of
sight, hearing or speech; and
mental retardation.

What are the causes?
Any damage to the brain, whether
caused by defective development,
injury, or disease, may produce
cerebral palsy. Among the causes
is insufficient oxygen reaching the
fetal or newborn brain. Other
causes can be associated with
premature birth, Rh factor or
A-B-Oblood type incompatibility
between parents, viral disease in
early pregnancy, or microorganisms
attacking the newborn's central
nervous system. A less common
type is acquired -head injury is the
most frequent cause. This can
occur as a result of auto accidents,
falls, or child abuse.

Can Cerebral Palsy be treated?
When discussing cerebral palsy, "management" is a better word to
use than treatment. This means
helping the child achieve maximum
potential in growth and development.
This should start as early as possible
and should include attention to the
child's movement, learning,speech,
hearing, social and emotional
development. Effective management
programs use physicians, therapists, educators, nurses,social workers and
other professional to assist the
family as well as the child.
Certain medications, surgeries,
and braces are sometimes used
to improve nerve and muscle
coordination or to prevent and
correct deformity.

Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana
205-B Enterprise Dr.
Houma, La 70360
1-800-375-8275  1-985-872-9226 or fax 1-985-872-9954

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What is Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana?
Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana is an independent, nonprofit health
organization which provides direct
services to persons with cerebral
palsy throughout the state of
Louisiana. These services are
provided at no cost to the client.
C.P. of LA is governed by a
volunteer board of directors and
is comprised of staff personnel
and a network of parents, consumers
(clients), and volunteers from all over
the state. Its primary objective is to
raise sufficient funds to provide
services to all persons with
cerebral palsy living in Louisiana.

What services does
Cerebral Palsy of
Louisiana provide?
Assistance with the purchase, rental
and repair of durable medical
equipment; assistance with payment
for physical and occupational therapy, prescription shoes, and evaluations;
a quarterly newsletter; instructional brochures; literature,and films;
an adult sports program.

Who Qualifies for
Any person with cerebral palsy
living in the state of Louisiana
qualifies for the services provided
by Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana.
However, the organization does
not duplicate services provided
by another program for which the
client qualifies (for example,
Medicare /Medicaid  orSSI).
In addition, C.P.of LA does not
pay for any services covered by
a client's insurance or any portion
of a client's insurance deductible.
The organization will help pay for
services not covered by a client's
insurance company. We are a
third party and try to catch clients
who fall through the services
safety net.

How do I request assistance?
In order to obtain services, a formal request,along with certain applicable documentation isnecessary.
To get more information,
call or write

Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana
205-B Enterprise Dr.
Houma, La 70360
1-800-375-8275, 1-985-872-9226 or fax 1-985-872-9954

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